Curvadora Of profiles RB3-L

The RB3-L offers tall performance of curvado with compact measures
Precision and performance with compact measures
The three rollers laminadores of the curvadora, accionados hidráulicamente of individual form, guarantee a high capacity of curvado. Already in the first past of roller can attain radios of curvature very small.

They can use smooth rollers (without groove) or rollers laminadores of plastic. By means of the distance of variable axes, the curvadora can adjust óptimamente for the respective profile. It averts apply to the profile a force of compression too intense and attains an optimum quality of curvado.

APPLICATION metallic Construction, closings and mechanical engineering in general, construction of covers for swimming pools, invernaderos, gardens of winter, advertising, signs of neon, industry of the piece of furniture



 Capacity of curvado5,5 KW
 Cylinders propulsados3
 Number of revolutions regulable0-16 of continuous form
 Diameter of the axes65 mm
 Longitude of the axes200 mm (optionally 300)
 Distance of the lateral rollers330-600 mm, adjustable
 Career axis X200mm
 Force of compression12 t
 Weight800-900 kg
 Connection400 V, 16To
 Direction of curvadoOf the machine to out
Machine on wheelsOption
Machine girableOption
Automatic control of radios/control ROption


  • Compact and flexible
  • Curve outline of aluminium and steel with maximum quality and precision
  • With control CN and CNC - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat