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CURVASER Was created in 1988
CURVASER Was founded in 1988 by Don Ernesto Serrano Serrano (1944-2020) who with said creation  put in practical his idea that the sector of distribution of the machine tool needed, from years backwards, evolve to the specialisation.

The creation of CURVASER, being his main speciality the manufacture, sale, reparation and technical service of machinery for works in tube, wand and metallic profiles, went the product of a clear vision of future today done reality.

An available field in our principles limited to Catalonia expanded in the actuality to all Spain with installations in Barcelona and Saragossa with a total of 4.500 m² and having representations of maximum prestige in the sector chosen in base to criteria of technology applied, drives us to a main competitiveness and capacity of response in front of any surgery received relative to our specialisation, always inside the norms of quality, offering intelligent solutions to measure of the client with the support of our technical office and a service post-sale in continuous formation.

Product of this development of company has been the confidence that award us companies of big renown, in sectors to which caters Curvaser like the Automotion, Construction, commercial Equipment, white line, metallic piece of furniture...Etc and in general the small and medium enterprise, basic tissue of the national economy and of the cual form part.

Claro is that said development required to attain, simultaneously, an organisational improvement, what spent us to the implantation of the System of Quality ISO 9001:2000, whose certification obtained at the beginning of the year 2005.

All this is fruit of the business dynamics that impregnates no so alone to the board of directors of CURVASER, but to all his personnel.

Thanks to all the people that have contributed to this reality as well as to the numerous clientele that has deposited his confidence in us.

Thank you By his visit, 
The Direction
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